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Unusual itinerary to enjoy all the "specials" dedicated to the eyes, the mind, the heart and the ears.

The tour begins with so many tastes for every palate at the public library; revenue in its sections: modern, manuscripts and rare, cinema, music and magazines and do not miss a visit to the beautiful kids section with a new angle in the green for a break from 0 to 99 years.
Afterwards, you can begin the tour for bellyfuls of "food" that you like the most!

It starts from the university district, a short walk from the library and behind the walls ... ... All around the square San Cristoforo the book and musical appetizer can be enjoyed in these places:

Library ODOS alley of the Bank, 6 / B tel. 0432 204307
The sensitive traveler, globetrotter and incurably curious reader located between the tourist guides shelves and travel stories, detailed mapping and fiction by foreign authors, unpublished and original points of view from which to watch the world. (Books also in English)
Library KOBO SHOP via Palladio, 7 tel. 338 3261244
Urban oasis for creative. Concept store with imported books for graphic designers, punks, architects, photographers, tattoo artists, skateboarders, tailors, designers, illustrators, artisans, music lovers and visionaries. Also new discs and new vinyl and experimental music CDs. (Books also in English)
WIZARD discs Via Bartolini, 7 tel. 0432 299736
A perfect spot for music collectors! Many used vinyl records and CDs.
Library UBIK Piazza Marconi 5, tel. 0432 1481718
The library to feed on inspiration with bookseller
For palates looking for traditional tastes but also novelty recommend continuing along Via Gemona and then reach Via Divisione Julia. Along the way you will find:
Library EULA via Gemona 22, tel. 0432 295447
For readers who want to learn the languages ​​of the world and read their favorite authors in the original version. Everything you need to learn Italian. A wide selection of fiction and non-fiction of independent publishers and small publishers. Much more than just a university bookstore.
Library Martincigh - Via Gemona, 40 tel. 0432 297112
art books and artist with a little 'poetry between present, past and some hint of the future. It is not just an antiquarian bookshop, it is no longer a bibliographic study and is not aligned with a library.
Library THE BLACK SHEEP via Gemona 46, tel. 0432 1743494
The only library of Udine where young readers are helped to find the right story that will stay with them for life. A meeting point with those who wrote and illustrated the stories that open up to the world. The reference for those who love reading, drawing and communication between different generations and cultures.

Library FUMETTOLANDIA via Divisione Julia 14, tel. 0432 21513
A place that for more than 20 years offers comics for all tastes. Comics in the original language.
Alongside the new releases vast catalog of arrears and vintage editions for collectors.
Libreria Battistutta Via Divisione Julia 22 cell 334 3431642 or 333 6933834.
Open by appointment. Used books and unobtainable and curious prints in particular related to local history; books also in Friulian. Tastings of specialties of Friulian twentieth century, Italian and international. Books in Friulian, Italian, English and many books in German.
Not far away, in via Pordenone other goodies:
Library PERLANIMA via Pordenone 58, tel. 0432 171 0321
The first library in Udine specialized in esoteric humanities subjects; a reference point for those who approach to spirituality and to all disciplines that are connected to it. A meeting point at the confluence of arcane knowledge and modern.
Let us now return to Freedom Square through Via Divisione Julia, via Deciani and Via Mantica.
In Largo del Pecile we can eat "dishes" but also "libraries Italian specialties"

Library FRIULI because of Rizzani, 1, tel 0432 21102
Since 1971 remains a traditional library with books by local authors also in Italian and Friulian. Here you can find everything you seek. And 'this a cultural items from the gift shop.
Going by Zanon, along the canal we reach the square of the Poultry and the entrance to

FELTRINELLI Library - Books and Music came from via Canciani 15 (or via Poscolle) tel. 0432 204292
A corner full of books, DVDs and CDs. Temporary exhibitions on various themes.

To digest it all can not miss a refreshing break in the three floors of:
Library MODERN UDINESE Via Cavour 13, tel. 0432 504284
From fiction to nonfiction, from esotericism children, books for lawyers and foreigners .... For 40 years, always in via Cavour, to "refresh" the minds!

Sweet tooth? Or a drink? Via Vittorio Veneto and its surroundings is another corner Udine that will suit your tastes.
Library TARANTOLA Via Vittorio Veneto 20, TEL. 0432 502459
And 'the oldest library of Udine still active, to dream in front of a book. Here you can easily find out of print books. Along the way you may encounter a presentation of books or other "tasty" initiative.

Library JOINTS IN POINT Via Vittorio Veneto 26, tel. 0432 229214
Giunti al Punto is the first bookstore chain by number of outlets, distributed throughout the national territory. Open a lunch break every day: the bookseller and booksellers are ready to help, to advise, help or just to talk about books.

Library GASPARI - EINAUDI Via Vittorio Veneto 49, tel. 0432 512567
Udine historic bookshop specializing in art quality books, architecture, photography and music but also catalog editions of the main Italian publishers. It offers an extensive section on the First World War and modern art books.
Not far away in Treppo instead a moment "intimate" with the soul with readings and music in
PAULINE library via Treppo 5, tel. 0432 299250
The library was opened by the Daughters of St. Paul in 1929 in Via Vittorio Veneto and later moved to its present headquarters. A good place to look for "the" medicine to treat the soul and feel better: lots of books, DVDs, CDs of classical music, liturgical, children, Celtic melodies and that relax, gadgets, business cards and bookmarks and sacred images.

But if you came to discover unusual dishes from Friuli then go into via Piave
Library FRIULIBRIS via Piave 27, tel. 0432 25819
One of the first libraries in Italy specializing in the sale and distribution of exclusive local interest books: poetry, literature, fiction, essays, monographs of towns and cities of the region, minorities, religion, art in general, the story from the beginning to the present with a specialization for the 1st and 2nd World War ... dictionaries, language, customs, traditions, cuisine, nature books, hobbies, sports, mountain paths. Also children's books, postcards, DVDs, CDs, T-shirts, gadgets everything from taste "Friuli".

Now head inland and you will find Aquileia, near one of the city gates, two historic venues.
CORNER MUSIC and Libreria Mondadori via Aquileia 89, tel. 0432 505745
Records of all "flavors", gadgets singers, vinyl records, music DVDs and cinema, concerts and sports ticketing. Books about music. A rich "single pot"!

Library ANTIQUARIA SERENISSIMA via Aquileia 113, tel. 0432 502388
Library for 40 years in town with tasting of Friulian and Venetian history. Books of good culture, history, non-fiction, rare editions in Italian, English, German and Slavic languages.

Unfortunately we have reached the end of this binge but the latter stages will leave your "palate" fully satisfied.
Comic LEOPARDCOMICS Via Benedetto Croce tel. 0432 507448
Vast assortment of new and used comics (USA, Japan, etc ...) in the original language, subscription service and then again gadgets, DVDs, exhibitions, and meetings with authors ... and many other scathing news every week.

Library FUMETTOLANDIA Via Battistig 7, tel. 0432 1740304
comic bookstore specializing in Japanese comics and much more. Here are the back issues of all the flagship series. Comics in Italian.

MUSICSOUND Via Roma 43/3, tel. 0432 500090
In the quiet courtyard Roma here comes a unique opportunity .... vinyls and CDs mainly new dance music.
You have arrived at the end of this "big fat eaten in culture". Hopefully we did not indigestion. Otherwise follow the route of the gardens and rest!
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