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Walls and gates


The city of Udine is the result of 5 different boundary walls alternated from the thirteenth century.

As revealed by archaeological excavations the first wall contained only the hill of the Castle and the second, (XIII cent) down from the castle to the height west of the left bank of the canal, he bisected Contarena Square and and it joined the circle behind the Loggia of St. Giovanni.

The third circle, (end of the thirteenth century), was built to enclose the village of San Cristoforo, the village of Saint Lucia, the streets of the Filippini and Santa Maria, the convent of San Francesco and the old hospital. The fourth circle included Borgo Poscolle and Grazzano.

The fifth circle finally ended in 1440, although surrounded the eastern area of ​​the city.

The doors still exist, and part of the city walls are:

The tower of Santa Maria, once called Porta Nuova (1295 dating back to the 4th set of walls)
Porta Manin (built between 1273 and 1299)
Porta Aquileia (dating back to 1436, with the 5th walls)
Porta Villalta (dating back to 1436, with the 5th walls)