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The University of Udine was founded in 1978 as part of Friuli’s reconstruction plan after the 1976 earthquake with the aim of contributing to the cultural, economic and social development of the territory.

The University of Udine offers undergraduate courses in all the major scientific fields: Agriculture, Economics, Engineering, Law, Foreign Languages and Literature, Humanities, Medicine, Education and Communication and Mathematical, Computer and Multimedia Science.

Udine and its University are a reference point at the centre of a region that has historically been a meeting place and crossroads of different worlds and cultures.

Geographically located at the centre of the European Union, the University of Udine actively participates in a network of relationships, promoting the circulation and dissemination of knowledge.
Since its origin the Friulian University has pursued internationalisation, targeted both to the training of students to the constant increase and the improvement of collaboration and partnership with universities and European and world institutions.

Active throughout Europe, the University’s partnerships have even reached other continents, with a significant presence in Africa, India and China.
There are hundreds of international trade agreements both for students and for teachers and researchers, and many are for participation in research projects at national and international level.

Around 17,000 students study in Udine.