Visit Udine

The ritual of Tajut

Would you like to taste the excellent regional wines? Are you a lover of good food and culinary delicacies? Do you want to experience the thrill of tasting flavours that have been handed down through generations and which highlight the typical characteristics of the territory?

Then you are in just the right place!

Udine with its many Pubs, taverns and bars allows you to enjoy a 360 ° insight into local and regional produce. 

Wines, meats, cold cuts, cheeses, craft beers, a riot of unforgettable flavours!

From single initiatives to a variety of events in local bars local to larger events there is no shortage of possibilities to satisfy your eye and more importantly your palate!

On a sightseeing tour to discover the beauties of Udine, among churches, palaces and museums, it deserves to dwell in an old tavern. It can be an important occasion to savor the ancient rites and precious tastings again. A dip in a world in which time flowed more slowly. The old taverns are in fact a small treasure of Udine and the aperitif is a sacred ritual, especially on weekends.

Next to the unmissable "tajut" (glass of wine) in recent years has been established spritz in all its variants.

From the simple water and wine (which is always called spritz), you can achieve ever-increasing complexity peaks, adding vermouth and spirits from the bright colors and strong flavors.

A curiosity: the Austrians were those who, during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, introduced the spritz. To get used to the friulian and venetian wines, which for them presented too high grades in comparison to the beer, they diluted the wine with water by the inkeeper of the period.

Since then, it was a succession of processes and inventions.