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Central Cinema

A small but cozy multiplex in the city center that coordinates its activities with those of the Visionary Cinema. In addition to the booster films there are always proposals of high quality level.

Visionary Cinema

It's called Visionary Cinema and is much more than a movie theater. It 'a space for culture in the city center. A large center dedicated to visual arts.

The building, characterized by a rationalist architecture of the illustrious architect Ermes Midena encloses three cinemas inside, an exhibition space and an Internet bar, a media center, a meeting / conference room and a bookshop, a corollary to an important targeted programming and cinema.

A visionary wall of ten meters signed by Gianluigi Toccafondo, which expresses the charm of the film, its dreamlike, his power of suggestion, the stimulation of the imagination, makes the entrance unique and valuable. Almost it was like an illustrated history of the cinema - and in general of the Essai schedules - these "brushstroked figures" appear as an archetype recall to the mythic images of the quality cinema and the researched cinema. Colorful shapes, fluttering signs, lengthened lines of color diluted over an area of ​​10 meters in height and invade, framing them, the faces of Clint Eastwood in The Ruthless, Nicole Kidman in Portrait of a Lady, of Al Pacino in Scarface.

The intense colors of Blue Film and Red Film of Kieslowski catch fire in an explosion of colors and shapes on the poster of Trainspotting to become evanescent through the pastels of landscapes taken from posters Where is the house of my friend Kiarostami or in the tenuous reinvented red of Paris, Texas Wim Wenders. Joined together, these 74 posters make this wall a unique work of art, highly symbolic. The total image is haunting. A work of permanent art which is colorful, original and exclusive.

In summer there are numerous outdoor events, including screenings with wireless headphones.