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Udine offers different glimpses and corners with interesting Buildings with different styles, these are the most principle: 

Palazzo Valvason Morpurgo, in Neoclassic Style, it's from XVIII Century; it became museum in 2006, it hosts the Architecture's and Design Gallery of Modern Art in Udine

Palazzo Belgrado (provincia), originally adobe of count Antonini, today is the headquarter of Provincia di Udine; it was built at the end of 1600.

Palazzo Antivari Kechler built in 1833, today is the perfect location for meeting and congresses. It is situated in square XX Settembre . 

Palazzo dell’Unicredit, built in 1690 and restructured post the Second World War.

Palazzo banca d’italia.

Palazzo del castello.

Torre dell'orologio, built between the 1527 and 1530.

Palazzo Bartolini, realized in  XVII Century in Marconi square, it hosts Biblioteca civica Vincenzo Joppi.

Palazzo del Monte di Pietà, (XVII Century), inside you can find Cappella di Santa Maria del Monte, in Via Mercato Vecchio.

Palazzo Sacchia, near the City Hall, built in XVI Century, in 1896 Arturo Malignani gave it one of the firsts lighting system with acetylene lamps. 

Palazzo D'Aronco, City Hall, characterized by large arched colonnades, above them there are some emblems that glorify the oration and the theater. 

Palazzo Antonini Cernazai, built in 1595 commissioned by Antonini, aristocrat Family owner of some buildings of the city. Today hosts the Università degli Studi di Udine; near here, in street Palladio,  you can find Palazzo Florio, commissioned by  Conti Florio and today headquarter of Rettorato dell'Università degli studi di Udine.

In Patriarcato Square it's situated Patriarcale or Arcivescovile Building. It hosts Giambattista Tiepolo's masterpiece, and the best works by Giovanni da Udine and other artists.