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Typical products from the area:

Crossroads of many peoples, languages and traditions that have enriched also the food&wine that you can find today on the table.

So you can enjoy Central European, Mediterranean and slaves influences, without forgetting the simple folk cuisine with tasty and genuine dishes. Typical dishes and colorful culinary rituals that offer such a variety of flavors and aromas that can be found only in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Ambassadors at the table of Friuli Venezia Giulia are the now legendary San Daniele ham and the prestigious regional wines of the Friuli Venezia Giulia vineyard, consisting in 8 Doc vineyard zones where also born DOCG goodies like Ramandolo, Picolit and Rosazzo, robust black wines and with strange names like Tazzelenghe and white wines unique in the world.


Roulade of stuffed dough which dominates the local cuisine as being both a complex and detailed first course dish, or as an elegant and sweet dish after the meal.
Here too every kitchen has its own recipe, which it keeps to itself.


The many advantages of this dish, which is continually able to enhance the Friulian tradition, are to be found in its versatility: pairings for this grain are not a problem, so much so that the choice ranges from vegetables such as peas, carrots, onions, courgettes, leeks and beans, up to the sausage and also cheese. 

Montasio DOP Cheese

Montasio DOP is the best known of the Friulian cheese varieties: originating in the dairies of the splendid mountain pastures of the same name, today it is available in all of its varieties, in line with a rigorous product specification. 

Cooked ham from Trieste

A unique type of processing the ham thigh, which is lightly smoked leaving it sweet and tasty.
San Daniele DOP
The mountain air meets that of the sea on the hills of San Daniele del Friuli, creating a unique microclimate that allows the prosciutto di San Daniele, DOP certificate to age.

San Daniele DOP

The mountain air meets that of the sea on the hills of San Daniele del Friuli, creating a unique microclimate that allows the prosciutto di San Daniele, DOP certificate to age.

La Pitina

La Pitina is now protected by a product specification, although it was once the solution for dairy farmers to preserve meat, which was packed at the time of slaughter (sheep, goat, venison) and then smoked.


Trout, the noble fish of streams, transformed according to the tasty rules of smoking process. Simple and delicious.

Friulian salame

Friulian: a world of varieties and flavours for this prince of local culture: the focus is always on the pork.
The rest is then down to each butcher’s secret recipe

La Gubana

La Gubana from the Valli del Natisone: a sweet with a thousand flavours, that has a characteristic circular donut shape. It is the culinary heritage of the Valleys. The same filling of the Gubana can also be found in the Strucchi.

Grappa Friulana

A centuries-old tradition has now become a noble product that is worthy of being compared to any high-end distillate, carrying with it an infinite universe of variety and flavours.


Friuli Venezia Giulia is one of the Italian regions suited for the production of great white wines that have gained international recognition.
Here the red wines too express extraordinary artistry.

Homemade Beers

In Friuli the tradition of beer dates back to the Celts, who are present here since 500 b.C. This great tradition revived in Friuli Austro-Hungarian Empire of the first half of 1800 and it brought the region on the Italian industry leadeship in the early 1900s with some great industrial breweries.

It remained great attachment in the region and meantime some craft breweries had born with their strengths points in the high quality.


The poorest and simplest polenta becomes an extraordinary and complete food when added to traditional simple seasonings (sausages, beans, grated cheese, etc. etc.), just those toppings that old folk wisdom once used and still uses, creating dishes that while pleasing the gourmets, contain protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and a number of vitamins.


Frico is an institution of Friulian cuisine.
In short, it is cheese that is melted and then toasted in a saucepan.
However, every house has its own variant: with potatoes, with a "certain" type of potato, with or without onion, more or less cooked ... the list is endless. 

Muset and brovade

Cotechino made only with the meat of the pig's snout, which then ends up being cooked in a whole range of Friulian turnips: the brovade.
This is made with turnips, which are left to macerate for a long time in the grape skins after crushing, and then grated and cooked in a pan with a bay bay leaves and other strong flavours.


Moving on from the controversy regarding its geographical origin, every Friulian child grows up with at least one giant tiramisu prepared for his/her birthday.

Ladyfingers, mascarpone cream, made with eggs and sugar: the simple but still tasty ingredients needed to create this sweet delight that we all know from our childhood.

The Sauris IGP raw ham

It is a seasoned smoked and salted raw ham for at least ten months made exclusively in the municipality of Sauris in accordance with the traditions of the past.

Brovada DOP

"Brovada" is a testimony of the typical cuisine of Friuli. The white turnips are fermented in the grape marc for about two months.

It can be found from October to April and it can be eaten raw or cooked.

Typical Sausages

Do not forget the raw ham from Cormòns and other typical sausages: salami, speck and bacon, and true gastronomic goodies like the curious brusaola and the pitina (smoked meatball made from sheep meat, goat meat or game meat) -typical of the mountain valleys of the pordenonese area-, a slow food presidium all to enjoy!

Typical Cheeses

Cheeses of every color and...shape, in addition to Montasio, where the farmer's wisdom, for generations and generations, creates inimitable flavors like: smoked ricotta with alp taste and strange cheeses, but very popular, such as "Formadi Frant "and Asìno.